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Our previous exhibitions.

The Engine Room 2017: International Sound Art Exhibition

The Engine Room 2017: International Sound Art Exhibition celebrates the most exciting sound art being produced right now by emerging artists from across the world. Following an international open call for works, twenty finalists have been selected by an esteemed panel of judges including sound artists Janek Schaefer, Annie Mahtani and publisher of The Wire, Tony Herrington.

The exhibition takes you on a sonic adventure across a diverse range of sound art practice and will feature works from the following artists.


William Aikman (UK) Mathevet Frédéric (France) Amirabbas Mohammadi (Iran)
Simon Bennison (UK) John Grieve (UK) Chris Pulley (USA)
Liliana & Rui Carvalho (Portugal/UK) Myungduk Kim (South Korea) Alexandra Spence (Australia)
Jason Charney (USA) Dan Knight (UK) Jojo Taylor (UK)
George Cloke (UK) Otso Lähdeoja (Finland) Xavier Velastin (UK)
Dirk D’Hulster (Belgium) Nolan Lem (USA) Samantha Taylor & Phil Wilson-Perkin (UK)
Laura Daly (UK) Mara Marxt Lewis (Austria) & Tyler Lewis (USA)


The Engine Room exhibition will also feature a newly commissioned work by established sound artist Tim Murray-Browne in collaboration with Aphra Shemza.

Post-Truth and Beauty – Engine Room 2017 Commission

Post-Truth and Beauty creates an immediate sensory analogue of the evolving, multi-faceted, ungraspable nature of truth. It responds to a post- Brexit, mid-Trump descent across the political spectrum into tribalist discourse of labels and otherness.

It aims to provoke the audience to question how authority, power, evidence and truth relate. Visitors are invited into a ring of eight speakers adjacent to a structure of interweaving luminescent rods. Inside, a 3D camera tracks their body to control sound and light. As they move, different perspectives onto an intangible abstract landscape emerge.

The work guides the visitor towards physical positions where the artist has crafted specific perspectives onto the audio-visual scene. These ‘sweet spots’ create a non-linear narrative of partial glimpses into an ungraspable truth


The Engine Room is a Morley College London initiative, continuing Morley’s legacy as a leading centre for experimental music and sound art. The competition and exhibition are supported by The Wire, IKLECTIK, HHB, Academia, Genelec, and Bigger Boat Distribution.

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The Engine Room 2016: SAM (Sound Artists from Morley) Exhibition

The Engine Room presented: SAM (Sound Artists from Morley) between 5-18 February 2016. In this exhibition, students from the Sound Art class at Morley had the opportunity to present some of the works they have developed during the course. The exhibition showcased a variety of approaches to Sound Art including audio visual works, sound sculptures, graphic scores, sound installations and more.

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The Engine Room 2015: International Sound Art Competition and Exhibition

The Engine Room 2015 gave visitors the chance to immerse themselves in soundscapes, watch audio-visual works, experience the stimulating interaction of sound and video, and observe and interact with sound sculptures and sound installations.

The winners of the competition, selected by The Engine Room’s panel of experts, including electroacoustic composer Professor Simon Emmerson and established sound artists Ray Lee and Mira Calix, were announced on the opening night of the exhibition.

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The Engine Room 2014: SASAM (Sound Art Students at Morley)

The Engine Room 2014 presented sound art works from six students from the Sound Art class at Morley College. The students presented two audio works, a graphic score and an installation/sound sculpture, all of which were developed over the course of three terms.

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The Engine Room 2011: Cornelius Cardew Festival

The Engine Room 2011 presented sound art works by established and emerging artist from across the globe. The works share a common ground in that they have all been inspired in some way by Cornelius Cardew’s music or ideologies. The works programmed in the exhibition were selected from an international call for works which attracted over 50 submissions from over 15 countries.

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