Finalists announced!

We have selected 19 incredible works which will be exhibited at the Morley Gallery between April 24 – May 18, 2023. In addition a work by Prize Winner (2015) Andrea Patrick Byrne will be premiered as part of the exhibition.


Ville Aalto (Finland)
Daria Baiocchi
Jessica Beechey
(United Kingdom)
Elliot Buchanan
& Benjamin Harrison (United Kingdom)
Original Copy
(United Kingdom)
Jason Gibbs
Claude Heiland-Allen
Sujin Jung
(South Korea)
Joshua La Gallienne
(United Kingdom)
Ke Peng & Bryan Yueshen Wu (China)(China)
Kevin Poulton
(United Kingdom)
Marina Sanchez
Sam Scott
(United Kingdom)
Adam Stanovic (United Kingdom)
Martin Thompson (United Kingdom)
David Upton
(United Kingdom)
Chen Wang
Monty Williams
(United Kingdom)
Andrew Zhou

Guest Artist: Andrea Patrick Byrne (United Kingdom)