Sound Art Courses at Morley

Morley College London offers an exciting range of Sound Art and related courses. Students have access to Morley’s outstanding music technology facilities, and many feature in the biennial student show at the Morley Gallery.


Upcoming Courses

Experimental and Free Improvisation Ensemble
(Starting May 2017)
Discover ways to create music in an instant. Play in an ensemble that tests the boundaries of music, going beyond the written score to explore spontaneous new forms. Learn ways to approach your instrument and music-making that challenge convention. Become a part of Morley’s long history of improvisation and experimental music-making and find out about the legacy of Cornelius Cardew and the Scratch Orchestra.

Sound Art 2
(Starting May 2017)
This workshop focuses on the exploration of sound and space through sound installations and sound sculpture. Investigate new approaches to sound in space, such as sculptural, interactive and site-specific works, whilst developing your own sound installation for a gallery environment.


Courses for 2017-2018

Sound Art 1
(Starting September 2017)
An exploratory workshop aimed at musicians, visual artists or anyone interested in experimenting with sound. Learn to source and record found objects, then edit and manipulate the audio to make your own short sound pieces. Explore iconic works in this field and apply the techniques in your own practice.

Sound Art 3
(Starting January 2018)
Explore cutting-edge relationships between audiences and sound art through interactive techniques. Develop your own interactive sound environments using basic sensor arrangements through to more advanced software interfaces.

Field Recording and Location Sound
(Starting January 2018)
This course offers in-depth practical instruction in making high quality recordings outside the recording studio for any purpose: location sound for films, creating a sound effects library, or composing soundscape compositions.

Creative Field Recording and Soundscape Composition
(Starting April 2018)
Open your ears and experience sound in a whole new way. This module will introduce you to new ways of listening to acoustic environments, and recording techniques to produce your own sound compositions. Explore the ways in which environmental sound has been used by composers and artists past and present to open up new listening experiences.