Winners and Prizes

The Engine Room 2017: International Sound Art Competition.

Winners Announcement

The winners for the 2017 International Sound Art Competition were selected by the judges, Tony Herrington, Annie Mahtani and Janek Schaefer and were announced during the private view on Wednesday May 03, 2017.

The winners are as follows:

1st prize: Laura Daly (UK), Shadowland. £300 + a pair of Genelec 8010 monitors, including carry bag (Donated by HHB and Genelec) + Digital subscription to The Wire

2nd prize: George Cloke (UK), Year in Review. £200 + Arturia KeyLab 61 Pro Grade Hybrid Synthesizer (Donated by Academia) + Inclusion on the Wire Tapper 44 CD + Digital subscription to The Wire.

3rd prize: Nolan Lem (USA), Autonomous Sense Object. £100 + Digital subscription to The Wire.

This year’s competition attracted 177 entries from 30 countries across the globe. The final exhibition features the work of 20 finalists, including artists from France, Portugal, South Korea, Finland and the United States, as well as several UK artists. The works on display include sounds sampled from news reports and archived footage, installations that generate sound through resonance, and even some that can be described as “silent sound art”. Through a range of sensory experiences, visitors are encouraged by this year’s exhibition to consider the world around them and their place within it.