Winners and Prizes

Prizes for the 2017 International Sound Art Competition will be announced soon.


The winners for the 2015 International Sound Art Competition were announced by the judges, Professor Simon Emerson, an electroacoustic music composer; Ray Lee, artist composer and performer; Mira Calix, an award winning composer, artist and performer; and Janek Shaefer, artist.

The winners are as follows:

1st prize: Andrea Byrne (UK), Twinkle

*See Andrea talk about her winning work on Radio 4’s “Today” programme. Her work was also featured by Jarvis Cocker on his “Sunday Service” Radio 6 show.

2nd prize: Thilo Schoelpen & Robert Schleisieck (Germany), Feedback Plant

3rd prize: Oliver Carman (UK), Piano Fragments

Janek Schaefer prize: Andrea Byrne, Hush Hush Cecilia

First place prize was £500 and a DPA 4090 microphone; second place, £250 and a Tannoy Reveal 402 active studio monitors; third place, £100 and a TC Electronic BMC-2 monitor controller. The Guest Artists Prize awarded by Janek Schaefer wins £50, a Mogami Cable and a 12-month Sound on Sound subscription.

Due to the high standard of the work on display the judges decided during deliberation to also award honourable mentions to two artists, awarding them £50 each. Honourable mentions went to Archie Leigh-Jones (UK), Tan-annoy and Barbara Bartos (Italy), Soundscape instrument.

The competition attracted over 130 works from 33 countries a far afield as the United States, Singapore, Mexico, Germany, Nigeria, Canada, Finland, India and Brazil. From these twenty-two works were selected for the exhibition from emerging sound artists from Singapore, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Italy, Canada, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. Alongside the works was Aerial Aria in the aviary, a newly commissioned installation by established sound artist Janek Schaefer