Alas Symbiosis

Dan Hull
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The track Alas Symbiosis is a 9-minute piece of electroacoustic music. The piece uses dynamics and a large timbre palette in addition to exploring the ideas of Spectromorphology and Emmerson’s language grid.

The application of these ideas create a composition, both conceptually and aurally, of motion and growth over time as opposed to a piece of music that is underpinned by a metric grid and has its evolutionary qualities introduced and dictated by a musical time signature. With no time signature present, there is an intent and emphasis on sonic exploration within the sounds themselves and how they evolve and devolve (in the context of the sound’s original Fidelity) over time through audio manipulation and processing.

Conceptually, Alas Symbiosis is attempting to freely explore a compositional relationship between found sound and its heavily processed counterparts.

Artist Statement

Dan Hull

Art to me is one of the most potent ways of communicating feelings, desires, anxieties and thought that there is. With sonic art, I see sound as an 'entity', one that always communicates in an infinite amount of languages but can be understood by any individual.

I take inspiration from sound in its entirety. Whether it is the banging of a snare drum or rain droplets through a drainage system, every sound has its own shape, form and character, which can be used to engage the listener and express 'larger ideas'.

When creating a piece, I listen to the sounds and their intrinsic qualities which I then contextualise into sonic forms of feeling, presence, narrative and atmosphere. I believe that there is no right or wrong way in creating art and that a piece should be judged on the intention and the success of the execution by the artist.

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