The drawing room

Paula Garcia Stone

'The Drawing Room' comes from my ideas about a fourth dimension in drawing, namely sound, and it is composed from my own recordings. As a Fine Artist I have a definite memory of being in a room drawing with other people, especially the Life Room. My soundscapes aim to recreate a sense of the physicality of being in a particular space through both real, and abstracted/manipulated and synthesized sound. They follow on from the fact that the subject of my work has always been the human body, through from life painting to light installations, where it is present in its absence also, in that I am dealing with aspects of the human experience.
During a residency at The University of Salford I recorded myself drawing and writing as well as using experimental objects. In this piece I describe the space through my use of panning and placing of the action in various parts of the room to suggest a gathering of people and their varying activities during the act of drawing on paper. The door closing at the end indicates that at least one person leaves the room...

Artist Statement

Paula Garcia Stone

I have been a practicing artist since 1982, developing through painting, lightworks, to digital imaging and an exploration of nano sounds.
During a Masters degree in Creative Technology, (University of Salford, 2003), I attained some unusual sounds of viruses and bacteria in the cells of a human body, using an echo acoustic resonator developed at Akubio, Cambridge Science Park. I made an interactive installation imaging and exploring the sound of the body cells. It was called ‘cell-sonance’. In 2008 I studied sound and music technology at the LCC, which consolidated sound as central to my work.
Following a failed transplant, I did a residency at the University of Salford and spent considerable time in their anechoic chambers, hoping to compare the experience with being in an isolation room for medical reasons. There I recorded myself drawing and writing as well as using experimental objects. I am only now using these recordings to compose soundscapes. My soundscapes take us into the human experience, by exploring the spirit of being in a particular space or situation, based on experience. I use both recorded and synthesized sounds, layering, and am keen on working with both traditional methods and technology together.

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