Object and Line to Space

Alexander Senko

Audiovisual performance dedicated to Wassily Kandinsky's "Point and line to plane".
Sound and visuals are interdependent: position, size, speed, and brightness of objects and lines
generate sound, its spectrum, volume and rhythm.
Live performance combines algorithmic composition and live improvisation.
Created with Puredata/GEM.
Duration: 20-60 min.

Artist Statement

Alexander Senko

Alexander Senko was born in Moscow, Russia. Graduated from Gnesins Institute as a
sound engineer.
Composer and sound producer, Alexander runs an artist-run laboratory “Acoustic
Images” (research and production of interactive installations) and actively exhibits and
Alexander’s interests include visual programming language Pure Data, electronic
and electroacoustic music, sound art, audio-visual interaction.
- Selected exhibitions and performances:
2006 "5a mostra sonora i visual" ,Barcelona, Spain
“SYNTHESE Festival” , Bourges, France
2009 “Electro Mechanics” festival, St.Petersburg
“Garbage Dump”, MOMA, Moscow
2010 “9th Festival International De La Imagen”, Manizales, Colombia, Special Mention
2011 Pure Data convention, Weimar, Germany
‘Interiority’ special project, 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.
Simultan Festival #8, Timisoara, Romania
Opus IV, Brussels, Belgium.
PIKSEL[X] – Kernel Panic!, Bergen, Norway.
2013 Sound Device n.3, Dublin, Ireland.
“Prepared Environments - 5” festival, Moscow, Russia
LPM 2013, Cape Town, South Africa.
2014 “Electric Nights” Festival, Athens, Greece.
“Prepared Environments - 6” festival, Moscow, Russia.
SA))mOst’, Moscow, Russia.
“Noise and Fury 2014” festival, Moscow, Russia.
“FILE 2014” - Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
“(h)ear XL II” - multimedia sound art exhibition, Heerlen, the Netherlands.
“Radical dB” festival, Zaragoza, Spain.

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