Pixel Springtail Promenade

Ana Dall'Ara-Majek

This work is part of an 8-16 channel cycle called the "Nano-Cosmos". A tribute to microorganisms and little arthropods. This work is an exploration of the "parasite" notion in music through study of granular synthesis, glitch, micro-editing, random sound inlays and duality between "texture-carried" structures ("individuals are subsumed in a collective activity") and "texture-setting" texture ("basic framework within which individual gestures act") from Smalley's spectromorphology approach. Collembolae (Springtails) are small arthropods, some of them have a pixel size. They travel through "windows" from the kitchen to the jungle.

Artist Statement

Ana Dall'Ara-Majek

Cosmopolitan composer, living in Montreal, influenced by musique concrète, her training as a harpist and her experiences as a Foley Artist. Recent collaborations with: saxophonist Ida-T and choreographer Jason Shippley-Holmes ("Inside_Dream" show @ Montreal) ; choreographer François Raffinot ("Laborintus" show @ Paris, Uzès) ; director Patrick Lapierre ("Cosmos Will Save the World", short film selection @ Festival de Cannes). She received many commissions from instrumental ensembles and electroacoustic institutions notably from: Musiques et Recherches (BE), Densité 93 (FR), Taller Sonoro (ES), Disctractfold (UK), SeaM (GE). She's currently a lecturer at digital music department of University of Montreal.

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