Grant Petrey

A continuous working surface is developed, using the drawing process of erasure to produce an animation at 30 drawings per second. Parallax explores a failure of communication via a nonsensical performative action with embodiment and entropy as intrinsic elements to the development of the work as a whole. Expanded drawing process is used to triangulate the relationship between the sonic, the still and the moving image. Temporality and materiality are explored through the process of mediation and the shifts that occur during the lengthy process of producing the work. Translation and subjectivity are key themes of the work with reference to Derrida and Artaud.

Artist Statement

Grant Petrey

Grant Petrey's creative practice spans and integrates; time based media, drawing, curatorial projects and creative community programs that encompass pedagogic research. After gaining diverse experience as a teacher, course leader and as Head of Department, in 2010 he joined the School of Fine Arts as a Senior Lecturer at the University for the Creative Arts. Teaching theory and practice on a range of courses, he has worked extensively with Turner Contemporary, Margate and as a visiting consultant lecturer at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle. ?He has presented his research and work internationally, with early painting work part of the National Collection of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. ?His fine art practice explores temporality via the triangulation of the still and moving image with the sonic.

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