Drone Dromel (MRS Trilogy#1)

Francois Larini

The city of Marseille is like a sustained and noisy tone. I wanted to give shape to a kind of mental field recording, a sort of subliminal aural map, drawn from memories and feelings. While I wander this urban and sonic texture, Dromel, Baille, le Rove or le Frioul neighborhoods are beacons, waypoints, randomly chosen on this lo-fi, approximate and imaginary journey... This work is the first in a series of three (+ a "bonus track") called "MRS Trilogy"

Artist Statement

Francois Larini

I am a French curator and musician, with a social-anthropology background (with West African fieldwork). I'm based in London and the South of France. My sound practices are mainly focused on drone and field recording. The way we listen to both of them creates changes and infinite variations in perceptual mechanism. I am particularly fascinated by how one engages with a place, develop a sensitive relationship, and how this remains acoustically in our minds and can be triggered by sounds, textures or memories, years and years later...
Even if field recorded materials are not immediately audible in my work, they often are the basis of a sound piece, ready to be processed, deconstructed or converted into MIDI data. I like the idea of starting something from the recorded traces of an event, more than starting from the oscillator of a synthesiser (...although I love and use synth as well!).
Sustained tones allow us to enter in the realm of a sound and reveal infinite movements in a single pitch, a gradation of changes... How deep can we go listening to a sound?

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