Liberté Chérie

Virginie Viel

Liberté chérie, 12” 10’, 2014
I translate Liberté chérie by Beloved Freedom.

- Who are you?
- You appeared to me in a place that doesn't exist,
- Were you real?
- You've never seen me and I've never seen you
- How did I manage to talk to you?
- I don't know...
- Give me a clue!
- I only remember...
- Open the door! Open the door! I want to smell, to touch, to feel, to caress her...
- Why? You might regret it! Many others were like you, burning with desire... But ultimately all of them gave up and turned away from her.
- No, I won't…
- It's too late anyway. Long gone are the days of lightness, love and happiness. Today no one knows, no one wants to remember... where she is gone
- Why?
- Hope disappeared a long time ago. Since that time, looking for Freedom, looking for that lady is meaningless. Without hope, be free has no sense anymore.

Artist Statement

Virginie Viel

Virginie is a composer and a visual artist. Graduated in visual communication at the School of Arts and Media, in Caen, France in 2008, she obtained a Master’s degree in acousmatic composition at the School of Arts (Arts2) in Belgium last year. Her teachers were A.Vande Gorne, I. Drese, P. Mion and E. Anderson. Today, she’s a PhD candidate at De Montfort University (UK). Her research investigates the relationships between gestural energies and musical form in acousmatic music through analogies with visual arts practice. She is a member of Séneçon, a collective of composers based in Brussels. She takes part in several electroacoustic projects in France and Belgium.

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