Archie Leigh-Jones

Totalitarian states use them to spread fear and regiment their citizens. Fairgrounds and fetes use them to find the mothers of lost children. Public announcement systems have many useful functions, yet Tan-annoy's function is to annoy. Emitting an announcement "bing-bong" every 10 minutes, but no announcement ever follows.

Artist Statement

Archie Leigh-Jones

I aim for my work to be out of place and whimsical, something my audience did not know they wanted to see, but after seeing it they were glad they did.

Making work with maximum effort for the least reward is key, as the objects produced are often ridiculous yet engaging. The works frequently pose as functional objects, however their function is either incomprehensible or silly.

I aim for my work to be approachable and interactive, making use of humour and a simple stripped back aesthetic to achieve this.

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