Feedback Plant

Thilo Schoelpen, Robert Schleisiek

Feedback Plant is a sound sculpture made by Robert Schleisiek and Thilo Schoelpen. Two tubular constructions are placed on turntables. Shadows of the two rotating objects are projected onto a transparent screen in the front.
Microphones inside the tubes are in audio feedback constellation with two loudspeakers scanning the sonic environment like a radar.  
This way the movement of the turntables is directly related to the sound produced. The speed of rotation changes arbitrarily and turns the sound into an random composition.
People moving around the sculpture influence the acoustic character of the work.
Feedback Plant is part of a series of audio-visual installations/sculptures using feedback to create sound.

Artist Statement

Thilo Schoelpen, Robert Schleisiek

Robert Schleisiek/ Thilo Schölpen
Ever since they were young, these two have been making music together. They both play piano, and later studied music at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in Amsterdam. They have worked together and separately as musicians and composers for theatre and film. Additionally, they give concerts in experimental/electronic environments and design audiovisual sculptures. Their inclination for feedback inspired them them to develop the Feedback Aerophonium.

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