Abigail Seto

This 15 minutes electro-acoustic piece expresses what the composer had experienced in the past. The video was processed heavily and at certain parts, video glitches were added to act as a contrast to the music. This music is mainly made up of 4 sections:

1st section: The piece starts off with subtle ground noise. Reverberated vocals and sounds were recorded by scarping, hitting and experimenting with the mic. Then the low frequencies were recorded from the feedback of the speakers. Lastly, the collected sounds were played 6 times through the speakers and recorded again.

2nd section: The piece transited to using recording samples of the air-con, water, door handle and insects. Effects like Fuzz-Wah and Track Oscillator were added to the air-con samples.

3rd section: The dynamic and density starts to build up. The use of extended techniques and electronic processing of the violin creates a dark and eerie feeling.

4th section: The composer took two of her electroacoustic pieces and reversed it. These 2 pieces were layered with reversed samples of steel railing and water.

Artist Statement

Abigail Seto

Abigail Seto is an audio-visual artist, electronic musician, composer and arranger. At LASALLE, she majored in music technology, performed with dance students, and composed various songs for the theatre and film programmes. Her lecturers, Brian O'Reilly and Sara Lenzi, have inspired her to experiment with different sounds and images to create different expressions. This has influenced her to have strong interest in Musique concrète and Electro-acoustic music. In addition, as a member of the electronic-duo named Setosuary, Abigail, together with Aqilah Misuary, has performed live music with visuals at several events.

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