Old bird cage

Camilo Giraldo

Old bird cage is an electroacustic piece of a series of a new project (work in progress) called -objetos en desuso- (disused objects). This particular piece is based and inspired by an old bird cage that I found in a flee market.
Some of the pieces of this project (objetos en desuso) use only the sound that can be produced by the object (recorded and used as either clean or sampled and modified-procesed), while some other pieces like this one, use the sound of the object (Bird cage) mixed with other sources of sound like acoustic instruments (strings, mostly in this case) and synthesis.
This is the third piece of (objetos en desuso) and it hasn't been released.

Wen i contemplated This old bird cage in the fly market with it's imperfections and metallic oxide i felt that it had a story to tell not only in a metaphorical way but also in the way of Japanese poetic and aesthetic way "wabi sabi"
and later on I realized that the sounds produced by this cage are incredible!.

I will give more information about previous pieces of (objetos en desuso) in the artist statement.

Artist Statement

Camilo Giraldo

Camilo Giraldo Angel is a composer and performer(guitar) graduated from the ISA (Instituto Superior de Artes, Havana Cuba), currently working in his own studio based in Bogota, Colombia.
After finishing his Studies in Cuba, (with masters like Leo Brouwer, Jesus Ortega and Tulio Peramo), he returned to Colombia and worked as an academic, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several universities such as Universidad de los Andes and Universidad Nacional. He also started working in different projects as musical director, composer and sound designer.
As a composer he has received numerous awards and commissions, like: First place in the National Composition prize "City of Bogotá 2005" (free format chamber music), from the IDCT; National Prize for Musical Composition & Literature 2010, from the Colombian Ministry of culture; Grant for Contemporary Music Composition 2014 (for this grant i make the first pice of "objetos en desuso") commissions for original compositions such as the “Bicentennial anniversary Colombian Independence” event held at Bogotá’s “Plaza de Bolivar” and the Inauguration of IDARTES (District’s institute for the Arts).
Previous pieces of -objetos en desuso-:
*Remington #12 & piano; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SmDFXsChtc
*For Tibetan bowl and guitar, part of this interdisciplinary work: http://laquintadelobo.net/

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